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Does DVR Hard Disk Support Hot-plug Function

Question: Does hard disk installation support hot-plug function, and does it requires jumper settings?

Answer: When installing hard disk, jumpers should be set and make one of the disks as the maser disk and the other as standby. And it can not be hot inserted or pulled. If you need to replace the disk, you should shut down the machine.

Not able to access the DVR on browser through its Local Ip address detected in IVMS 4200 client SADP

Question:Not able to access the DVR on browser through its Local Ip address detected in IVMS 4200 client SADP

Answer: Check whether the DVR is connected on LAN Switch to which the computer is connected.

• Check the ping response for the DVR, must be continuous with average delay of 2ms.

• Check for IP conflict with the other devices connected in same network.

• Check the Computer IP address, must be in the range of the DVR IP, like if DVR IP is than computer IP must be ranging from –

• Remove the tick [√] from enable DHCP option in menu > configuration > network > TCP/IP > disable DHCP > assign the local IP manually > Apply.

Note: for time scheduled recording remove the [√] from all day recording make the schedules, in all 8 schedules can be made for each day & for each schedule different record type can be selected, next follow the same procedure.

Issues related to Device Making Online

Question :Causes & Solution for Device Showing Offline on Internet (Using Static IP).

Answer: visit the website & check the ports status, if showing closed perform the following steps:

• Check the firewall settings (must be disabled).

• Check the UPNP settings (must be disabled mostly).

• Both Port forwarding & DMZ configuration done together (at a time either one can be used).

• Same ports configured inside Port forwarding table for two different application in the same network (hence try changing the ports).

• Many times ISP changes the ports from their end (on DTE Device), causing the Devices showing online earlier, to go offline (hence get in touch with the ISP to sort out this issue)

• Ports are closed from ISP end (making sure from ISP that the required ports are open from their end).