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Hikvision enhances security at the new Terminal 3 at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport

October 17, 2014--Hikvision has enabled the modernisation of Shenzhen Bao’an Airport to be completed through the implementation of an analogue surveillance system Shenzhen is located in the delta of China’s Pearl River and is one of Guangdong provinces major cities, one of the fastest-growing in the world. Bord...
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Hikvision's Megapixel Solution Working on Brazil's Railroad

June 21, 2012--While the project Supervia Stations Surveillance System may not immediately resonate with some in the security-related industry, the location where it operates surely does: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is in the metropolitan region of what Brazilians simply refer to as Rio that a groundbreaking surve...
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Hikvision Overcomes Weather and Obstacles to Secure Frankfurt's Light-Rail Stations

September 15, 2011--As an important financial, commercial, and transportation center of Germany, Frankfurt takes great pride in the city’s overall infrastructure improvement. While advanced transportation systems are trademarks of the city's foresight, the implementation of a comprehensive solution for all of its 31 ...
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Hikvision on Track in Nuremberg

May 05, 2011--Hikvision's 1.3 megapixel vandal-resistant dome cameras are being used at Nuremberg railway station in Germany, the largest railway station in northern Bavaria which receives 130,000 passengers every weekday. The cameras are allowing station management to protect travelers and provide them with cont...
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Hikvision Secures Logistics Company in US

February 24, 2011--Hikvision's H.264 compression cards are being used in the US, Canada and South America by CEVA Logistics, a world-leading logistics company whose global network has facilities in 170 countries and 46,000 employees generating a turnover of $7bn. The company offers customers complete supply chain desi...
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Hikvision Video Surveillance System Secures Ningbo City Bus

September 02, 2010--The Ningbo City Bus mobile surveillance project, one of the largest transportation installations in China, covers more than 3,600 buses belonging to 14 transportation companies in Ningbo city. The Ningbo Transportation Department faced many of the common problems with security on their buses. They ...
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Hikvision Secures Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train

September 01, 2007--Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train, the first Magnetic Levitation Train in commercial operation in the world, fully meets the requirement of high-speed transportation infrastructure with large capability of passengers. With the advantages of high-speed, low energy consumption and little impact to en...
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Hikvision's Network DVRs Secure Qinghai-Tibet Railway

October 01, 2006--Sprawling over 1,142 kilometers, Qinghai-Tibet Railway which plays a significant role in accelerating the social and economic development of Qinghai Province and Tibet Autonomous Region in China, is the highest-elevated railway all over the world with the average elevation of about 4,500 meters abov...
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