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Hikvision Provides Morocco's BMCE Bank the Central Piece to the Solution

April 22, 2012--With over 620 nationwide branches, BMCE bank of Morocco is one of the nation's leaders in banking services. So, when BMCE decided it was time to build their new state-of-the-art headquarters in the city of Casablanca, one of the first calls went out to the leader in worldwide hybrid DVR manufactures...
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Hikvision DVR Improves Security for Ziraat Bank in Turkey

January 27, 2010--With branches and ATMs located in over 2,000 different locations in the 81 provinces of Turkey, Ziraat Bank is the largest in the country and offers congenial, high-quality service to a million and a half customers every day. Due to a high level of cash flow as well as large numbers of customers com...
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Hikvision Helps Strengthen Janakalyan Sahakari Bank

July 02, 2009--The increasing risk of theft and crime has made physical security a major concern for the banking and financial industry in India. Janakalyan Sahakari Bank, which has shown steady growth over the past three decades, is putting efforts to maintain a more secured environment by applying high-performan...
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Hikvision Network Mobile DVR Secures Armored Truck of China Merchants Bank

December 21, 2008--With crime tactics become more diversified and intelligent, it is more and more important and critical to use new technology to detect crime in armored trucks in banking industry. China Merchants Bank, one of the biggest state-owned commercial banks in China, has been using mobile surveillance produ...
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